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Thread: Anyone lose weight just from circuit?

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    Anyone lose weight just from circuit?

    Hello. I joined Curves on Jan 6th, 2005. It's a neat little place.

    I just want to know if there are any ladies who have lost weight just doing the 3 times a week workout? Are all the success stories on this board linked to Circuit combined with the 6 weeks challenge and the Curves diet?

    So if there is anyone who lost weight just by becoming active please let me know. I cannot fit the 6 week challenge into my schedule right now and they only give the classes every quarter.

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    Hi Fayeonaise,

    There are many ways that women on the board are losing weight... some just do Curves... some do cardio and Curves... some do Curves and the Curves diet... some do Curves and Weight Watchers... some Curves and Atkins... Some work out at Curves 5 times a week, most only 3...

    Basically, it's suggested that when you start at Curves, for the first month, just do that... then, the 2nd month, add in cardio on your off days, such as walking or pilates (which isn't really cardio, but a lot of women do it and it apparently is really good for you). Then, if you're still not seeing a change, you can try a diet of some sort. It doesn't have to be the Curves diet, and it doesn't have to be any other commercial diet. It may simply be just cutting down on sugars and white carbs, instead eating more fruit (berries are lower in carbs) and whole wheats (brown rice, whole wheat bread)...

    So, no... not all the results are due to the Curves diet, and you may find you lose just fine doing the exercise! It's all up to what your body decides
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    I lost weight (5lbs) and inches (3.5) the first month just doing the circuit. I went an average of 3 times a week but tried for four. And I ate like normal. So it can be done!

    However, the next month was December and I ate terribly and only went to Curves 2x a week at most and I gained all the pounds and some of the inches back!

    So you have to keep on it! Best of luck!

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    Just Curves

    I started the same time that you did and I am just doing the curves workout and watching what I eat (no cheeseburgers or pizza). I started out going more than the 3 times per week but I have already lost 3 pounds strictly by introducing exercise to my weekly routine. Since school has started I will only be able to go 3 times a week due to work and classes. I will let you know what I discover.

    Good Luck!
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    during my first month, i only went about 10 times, didn't change my eating habits, and i lost 5.5 inchs and 5 pounds. the only thing i regret about that first month is what could i have lost if i had worked out as many times as i should have!
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    I go 3 days/week, and don't do anythign else on the off days. I've lost 19.25 inches and 14 pounds in the 4 months I've been going to Curves. So yes, it works for me.
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    I average 3 visits to Curves a week. I am not following any special diets just making healthier food choice. I still cheat occasionally. Definately not starving which is why I am probably sticking with it. Since joining Curves Sept 9/04 I have lost 26lbs and about 23 inches. Best of all I feel fantastic!!
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    I'm echoing Ginette here. I go 3xweek and changed the way I eat. I'm not dieting because I have been on just about every diet you can be on. , lost weight, but then went back to eating "normally" (ha!) and gained it back.

    Making healthier food choices, whether it's eating smaller portions, not finishing EVERYthing on my plate, or replacing white breads and pasta with whole-grain breads and paste - well, it's working. I've lost about 45 pounds and about 35-40 inches.

    I haven't binged for a loooong time. And cheating? Forget it. Because I eat just about any type of food/drink I want, but in small portions, no matter what I eat, it's not cheating.

    So, bottom line is, I'm cutting calories out of my day. This, coupled with increasing my lean muscle (which, you'll learn, burns more calories than fat), really peels away the pounds.

    As Nellie and other said, take it slow. Let the Curves circuit become a part of your life, then figure out what you want to incorporate next.

    Good luck - you can do it, you know!

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    The first 3 months after I joined I went to Curves 5 days a week (M-F) and didn't get any other exercise (I'm a real couch-potatoe). I also didn't really change the way I ate, although I mostly have a healthy eating plan anyway, i.e. vegetarian, low fat and high in vegs and complex carbs (whole grains, brown rice etc). I lost about 12lbs first month, 6-7 second month and maybe 4-5 the third. The month after that I bought an elliptical machine (orbitrek) and used it for 20-30 min. about 5-6 days a week and WOW that jump started another weight loss, I lost 16 lbs that month... and then plateaued (sp?). For the next 8 months or so there was no significant weight loss in any one month.. but I did continue to lose about 1-2 lbs a month. So you CAN be successful with just Curves, but adding a healthy diet and extra cardio will definitely contribute... even if you just go for a 20-30 min. walk on the days you don't go to Curves, that is easy to fit into any schedule and will help make a difference.
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    Me -- I love to exercise.. ... I hate to diet!
    I've found that I can eat and still lose.. (actually, my appetite has increased somewhat, but I was a nibbler....) so I can eat a little more as long as I burn up the excess calories at Curves...

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