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Thread: Does Curves run promotions?

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    Does Curves run promotions?

    Hi Everybody!
    I am a widowed mother of two daughters and have been watching this board for awhile. I would love to join Curves, but am on a very tight budget. I was wondering if Curves ever runs any special promotions or discounts for joining? When? How can I find out about them? Thanks for any info. you can give me on this.

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    Welcome to the board! Curves does run promotions on the sign-up fee. They usually offer a reduction if you sign up the day you make your appointment, and most new clubs offer bigger discounts to the first 100 members or so. Other than that, I've seen some specials (like the 2 people signing up for one joining fee) advertised in the local advertising newspaper.

    Beyond that, the monthly fee is pretty much set at either 29/39 for a year committment, or 39/49 for monthly memberships. The area you live in will determine which base rate is used. For example, in the DC area we are 39 for year committment and 49 for month to month. In rural PA where my parents live, its 29 for the year and 39 for month to month.

    You can also ask the manager of the club you are interested in if they have any specials coming up.

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    I think that most of the Curves are running an end of summer special where your membership fee is half price (but I am not sure when that promotion ends). It is a good deal to pay half price! Sometimes they run a 2 for 1 thing where you and a friend can join for one membership fee. Just call your local Curves and see if they have any specials coming up!

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    End of Summer Special

    I just joined Curves last week and they are offering in Canada sign up for 12 months for $99 plus tax, receive the first month free and $39 per month after that. I know we do not live in the same country but the other fees seem to be similar to here so I'm sure the promotions are...
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    My Curves is waiving the initiation fee for the rest of the summer (end of August?)
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    The Curves here in Galveston is offering a big discount on the reg. fee to the first 125 women to join. The club just opened after Labor Day.

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