Location: Kwinana/ Perth/ WA

Home/Visit: My Club

Day/time of your visit: Wednesday 3.30pm

Club hours: Mon - Fri 6am-11am 3:30pm-7pm Sat 7am 10am

# of machines: 10

duplicates: No duplicates

missing: Not sure..and link does not work.

CurvesSmart: Yes

staff on duty: 1

staff in circuit: 0 only because she was talking to me

direction of movement: Counter clockwise

water: Yes $2 for bottle of water

changing rooms: No

bathroom: 1

changing area: There is a room divider with places to hang your bags also, but not much privacy

stretching area: Small area at back of room to stretch, maybe enough room for 5 to 10 people.

other amenities: No
Comments: Friendly, eager staff. Quiet, place to work out. Not to busy in the afternoons.