Hello all! This is my first post on the forum. I joined because I have a question for you (I hope it isn't too long!)

I've been a member of Curves on and off for about 10 years now, always at the same club, which has been under wonderful attentive ownership for the last several years. This September I moved to a different city to go to university, and decided to transfer my membership to a club that is on my way to school. I had never been there, but I saw on the website that they were a "Shining Star" club so I was expecting great things.

Boy, was I wrong! I could make a very long list of things that I find less-than-satisfactory about this club, starting with the cleanliness. (I also find the decor horrible and depressing, but I understand that is at the owner's discretion.) But the dust! It was the second thing I noticed (after the long, bare, sickly-lime-green main wall with no decorations). I wiped down a decorative plaque in the bathroom today cause I couldn't stand how dingy it was. Every time I go I just want someone to let me loose with 12 Swiffer dusters and a vacuum with a long hose attachment. I've never been to a club with Curves Smart before, but surely it is acceptable to vacuum the dust away from the area around the cords connecting the machines? Compared to my original club's obsession with cleanliness - half the time I'm there one of the staff is cleaning something or other - I was completely shocked.

The staff, also, have been less than stellar. The two different trainers (one working each time) I encountered on my first few visits there, well, just didn't know what was going on. One of them didn't know how to use the debit machine, and neither of them seemed to be able to find anything in the mess of paperwork behind the desk. Today was the first time I've seen anybody come out from behind the desk to talk to the ladies or engage in the circuit at all. I'm kind of afraid to sign up for Curves Smart in case the person showing me what to do doesn't know what she's talking about!

My question to all of you is: What should I do? Is there anything I can do? My mom mentioned the cleanliness issues to the owner at my original club, and she said I should complain using the form on the Curves.com website. Is that the most appropriate way to go about it, or is there any tactful way to mention to them that I think their club is a mess? I'll keep going because they do have the machines and I want to exercise and the location is ideal, but urgh. I find it very unpleasant.