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Thread: SoBe Lifewater vs. Vitamin Water Zero

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    SoBe Lifewater vs. Vitamin Water Zero

    OK, to preface this....I had stomach surgery for non weight-loss reasons, but my body is behaving as if I had gastric bypass, so I thought I'd share.

    Sugars, natural or otherwise, cause some serious digestive issues, so I've learned to read labels very carefully and have to limit myself to about 6 grams of sugar/serving for any meal. At one point, I had to take some serious diuretics which made me constantly thirsty. I drank enough water that my blood tested really low for sodium, and the doctors wanted me to drink something else, like Gatorade. I had to explain (again) the sugar issue, and that I really can't stand most artificial sweeteners, and have had "issues" with sugar alcohols since they came out. It gets so that at times, I'm just plain afraid to try a new product!

    So my Sister bought me a Vitamin Water Zero last December, which...sad to say... is still in the fridge. I bought some yesterday to try further . While we were on vacation, we found SoBe Lifewater with zero grams of sugar in the market. I tried the Fuji Apple Pear, and it was really good, and had no adverse affect! The Yumberry Pomegranate - not so successful.

    Both of these are sweetened with Rebiana (A stevia derivative) and Erythritol, the sugar alcohol with the least digestive effect of all of them. It appears, looking at the ingredients, that the Vitamin Water lists Erythritol sooner on the list than Lifewater, so that may affect things.

    I'll update this thread as I try the various flavors of these two!

    Does anyone else have experience with these?

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    very interesting, Tracy! glad you found something you like to boot! no help here, sorry
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    I love both of them! Some of the flavors are pretty strange but some of them have surprised me. I usually get those if I'm going to be out in the heat and/or instead of soda if possible. I'm trying to stay away from HFCS as much as I can.

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