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Thread: Success! Mini goal met! Celebrate good times! Hehe

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    Success! Mini goal met! Celebrate good times! Hehe

    I started on May 9th, so a little tad bit over 2 weeks ago. I set my first mini goal at 10 pounds, you know, because it's a nice round number.

    The last few days have been utter frustration because I've been bouncing around with that last 2.2lbs up a bit, down a bit, but never breaking through to my 10lb loss goal. Today I got up, weighed myself, and TADA! 171.5 lbs. I did it! 10lbs down from my start date!

    I am following the Curves diet plan, which I know works wonders as I've done it before, and exercising with my Wii fit, and DDR. (So much fun!...Even though I stink at it! Hehe) 30 min a day almost every day.

    So YAY for me! 10lbs down, still about 20 more to go though. Whew, that seems large, but I can do it if I just remember not to get frustrated and do something dumb like binge on bad foods.

    Gary H is right when he says in his Curves book that you really start to notice the weight gain when you reach "critical mass" AKA 30lbs of weight gain. That is exactly when I got super uncomfortable and motivated to stop my destructive behavior.

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    PS as a reminder I also have a condition known as EDS or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome so I live in a great deal of pain every single day. On a daily basis I suffer several joint dislocations, fibromyalgia type pains, hundreds of subluxations, chronic daily headaches, digestive difficulties, and just pain in general.

    The reason why I mention this is that I want people to see that even under poor circumstances you CAN still do this!

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    Congratulations on meeting your first goal!! And thank you for commenting on your EDS. You're living proof that a disability does NOT have to hold anyone back from doing something good for themselves.

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    Congratulations!!! First goal, ..... history!!!!

    Keep up the wonderful work!!!
    I am living life one day, one step at a time, and absolutly loving every minute of it!!!

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