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Thread: Please help!! What is my calorie deficiency????

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    Please help!! What is my calorie deficiency????

    I am a 27 year old female and a mother to my beautiful 11 month old daughter. During my pregnancy I gained well over 85 pounds. Since than Ive lost 40 but I still have 50+ to loose that doesnt seem to go anywhere! I currently weight 180lbs. Does anyone know how many calories I should be consuming as well as burning everyday (deficiency) in order to successfully lose 2-3lbs per week? Ive lost 50lbs within 4 months in the past and kept it off until I got pregnant..but now it seems like nothing is helping.

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    What my nutritionist told me is that you take your weight (180 add a 0) and that is about what you need to stay right where you are, with whatever your current level of activity is. So, to lose weight you need to eat less than 1800 cals a day/and/or work out more to have a calorie deficit.

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