This may seem like a simple question but it’s actually one of the most difficult to answer! There are many, many factors that go into weight loss – but I’ll try to outline the basic ones here! There're a lot of links to existing sticky threads, so please do take the time to check them out!

1. Are you getting the most out of your Curves workouts? Many women, especially after attending Curves for some time, start to “slack off” at Curves and go through the motions of the workout without actually giving it their all. Remember: How much Curves works completely depends on how much you are working Curves! (And you do not need the Smart machines to get the best possible workout - just your own motivation and perseverence. The Smart machines have been around for months, yet women have been losing weight and building muscle with the Curves workout for years! Ask a trainer about the Advanced Workout if you think you need a little push in the right direction.)

2. Have you been attending Curves for at least a few months? You may need to kick your workout routine up a notch and start doing another type of exercise on your “off days” from Curves! Walking, running, yoga, exercise videos, pilates, swimming… these are all excellent activities to take up. Even better, mix it up – go to a yoga class once a week and walk for half an hour three times a week. Adding in extra exercise with your Curves workout will burn that fat even faster!

3. Do you drink a minimum of 8 plain glasses of water a day? Water is not only incredibly important to weight loss, but simply to keep your body running! It flushes toxins, lubricates your joints, and makes you feel fuller so you’re less likely to want to eat! Here’s a sticky that tells you more about why water is so important!

4. What is your diet like? Are you following a plan? Are you even keeping track of what you eat? Try keeping a log of calories consumed for a week – some of your favourite foods may be worse for you than you think! The Tracking Tools subforum is a great place to start if you’d like to track your foods online. Once you’ve started journaling, try to modify your diet a little – eat more fruits and veggies, make sure you’re eating a lean protein with every meal, choose a lower fat alternative, or start cutting out white, sugary carbs. You may even want to consider following a structured diet like the 6 Week Solution or Weight Watchers!

And, finally…
5. Are you REALLY not losing weight? Have you weighed and measured lately? Weight is not the whole story! You may be building muscle and losing fat at the same time, causing your weight to stay the same but inches and body fat to go down. Remember, your weight, inches AND body fat must stay the same for several months before you can consider yourself at a true plateau. If you are losing inches… if your clothes are feeling looser – do not get hung up on the scale! You have to take all the factors into consideration… And, remember… at your weight/measure, keep things as consistent as possible to get the most accurate picture of your progress!

Good luck! And, if you still have further questions about your weight loss, please do use this as a guide so we don't have to ask you all of the above questions! The more information you can provide, the better the answer we can give!