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Thread: can I vary time of workout?

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    Question can I vary time of workout?

    I looked at the FAQ section and did not notice this was answered...if so I apologize in advance. Would it be ok to workout at Curves for 45 minutes instead of the 30 for a more intense session?

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    Well, firstly...Welcome to the CF!!
    The "stickies" at the top of each sub-forum often answer many frequently asked questions regarding each

    Getting Started--- Getting the most out of your Curves workout

    I doesn't answer your specific question....( but, since you FOUND us and joined....please do continue to look around at all we do have to share...) Your Q is somewhat vague yet thought you mean do the machines and recovery pads for the extra minutes, or use the additional minutes to just add cardio by remaining on the recovery pads and keeping your HR up, or something else....there are many variations to that Q.

    However, without knowing any specifics regarding your current fitness level, any medical conditons, your age, .... it would really not be wise for one to offer you answers without specific knowledge of YOU and your needs. We are each at different stages with our own Curves workout plan, and what is working for one, could be dangerous when attempted by another.

    Please do discuss this question with YOUR Curves tech. They should be more than able to guide you towards a routine that will suit YOUR specific needs... AND each club may view this deviation from the recommended Curves workout differently.

    Now, I do have my opinions regarding this very topic and what works for me....however, they may NOT be what is GOOD for you. Please pm(private message) me if you are interested in my personal opinions based on my personal workout and goals.

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    The curves program is 30 minutes. 2 minutes warm up, 20ish minutes at target heart range, 2 minutes cool down, 5 minutes stretching. (the warm up and cool down are the first two and last two machines).

    While on the circuit, you should be giving 100% of your energy to the machines and using the recovery stations to...well....recover. If you get to the end of the circuit and feel you can do more, you didn't workout hard enough.

    if you don't think 30 minutes is long enough, take a 10 minute walk before and after your workout. But because of the circuits design, no other forms of muscle strengthening are necessary if you get in 3 days of Curves per week.

    Why, specifically, are you asking? Remember that the "no pain, no gain" motto is a bold faced lie. you don't HAVE to feel like your dying in order to be getting a good workout.

    Best of luck!
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    Personal Health-provided.... I would not do 3 circuits if you are just starting out.

    give yourself adequate time to build a comfort level with the machines... become familiar with your body positioning, concentration of your breathing, and doing the 2 circuits should be your starting focal points.

    To introduce a 3rd circuit so early, I see injuries that could come about, especially in the beginning.
    You will need to build your endurance level up.

    After my 2 week trial and first 2 official weeks, my Curves Rep (the owner) had said where I work myself hard, she said try HALF of the next circuit... see how I do.

    Im sweating when Ive done 2 circuits, but I wanted to see how far I could go but didnt want to overdo it. The half circuit-more suggestion was wonderful. But I was shaking at the end, which means it was too much. So, for now, Im doing 2 circuits, and really working it to the fullest. Once my endurance has increased, I will do 1/2 more. So on and so forth...

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    Although... if you're truly doing the workout correctly, after 24 machines, you should be done the workout and completely exhausted. If you feel like you can keep going after 24 machines, ask a trainer about the Advanced Workout to increase your reps (and therefore the resistance) on the machines.
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    Have you thought about maybe doing some other exercises where you would streach out after your workout?? I do about 10 minutes of crunches and other various things.....maybe think about doing that. And then keep on keeping on with the 30 minutes on the circut. Hope this helps.

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