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Thread: Thyroid! Would love to talk to you!

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    I have Hashimoto's disease which caused me to be hypothyroid. I had never had my thyroid tested, so I am not sure when it happened...
    I just know that in January of this month, I got sick from a cold. At the doctor's office she decided to make an appointment to run a blood test for cholestrol. I didn't realize she also tested my thyroid...I didn't even know what a thyroid was!
    I had been losing weight easily though. I wasn't gaining but I was actually maintaining for a while. That month with my Curves weigh and measure I lost only 5 pounds, not 7 or so the way I had been. The next month only 2. I wasn't that discouraged though because I know I am getting smaller, I will be losing slower as a result.
    But she put me on levothyroxin 50 mg. The only complaint I have is my neck. It hurt ever since I had that cold! I thought it was a result of the sore throat and flu, just a sore neck? Well it never went away...some nights/days it is awful! I wake up with a sore neck or I go to bed with one. IT doesn't happen everyday but enough to annoy me. Well at my last appointment I told my doctor and she upped my meds to 75 mg (which I am thinking is too high?) even though my TSH came back normal. She also scheduled an ultrasound...turns out I have a goiter
    But I am sure you can lose weight once you get on the right dosage! I remember researching it and being upset because it looked depressing and hopeless. But you just have to work for it, it is possible!

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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but wanted to join the thyroid bunch.

    I have auto-immune hyperthyroid Graves Disease and have been on meds for it for nearly 4 years now. They keep wanting to take it out surgically and I keep declining. I do get a lot of racing heart and sweat like a pig from it when I do anything.

    Any advice for doing Curves with this? I'm joining this week.

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